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You've got 15 seconds, how do you make impact? Make sure you watch Step 2 of the Mini Masterclass (it's in the Virtual Learning tab!) then comment below with your Elevator Pitch. Give use your Elevator Pitch, there will be random prizes for those who participate.

We're all friends here, this is safe space to develop and grow our businesses together.

B&B Members, this is your chance to workshop! Let's help each other win!

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Dean Blundell
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New grant is out

“Fostering Innovation: Our Grant Application Journey in the USA”

We’re thrilled to share our latest endeavor in fostering innovation and driving positive change in the USA. Through our grant application, we’re aiming to catalyze transformational projects that will benefit communities nationwide. From supporting local entrepreneurs to advancing sustainable solutions, our proposal embodies our commitment to building a brighter future for all Americans. Follow along as we navigate this exciting journey and work towards creating a more prosperous and inclusive society!


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