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Learn How to Leverage A.I. in Sales

Remo Webinar

October 24, 4:00pm EDT

Business and Bourbon Live! is the ultimate educational and collaborative webinar series. 

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the Event

In this virtual webinar experience, we are going to dive into the forefront of technological evolution with Ronnell Richards, alongside a distinguished panel of industry leaders, and explore the nuanced intersections of artificial intelligence and sales. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into cutting-edge strategies, actionable tactics, and real-world applications that promise to revolutionize your approach and empower you to harness the full potential of A.I. for unparalleled success in the dynamic landscape of sales and business.


How You Will Benefit

Spark your Creativity

Get inspired by experts who've embraced and integrated A.I. into their sales processes.

Learn Proven Strategies

Hear from industry leaders on how you can use A.I. to revolutionize your sales approach.

Grow Your Network

Engage with like-minded people who are movers and innovators in their field. 


Your Host

Ronnell Richards

Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Founder of Business & Bourbon

Our Speakers

Who Should Attend


You’re an innovator who takes risks and reaps rewards. 

Business Professionals

You are established in your field and are ready to branch out.


You know all the latest trends and can think outside of the box.

Anyone and Everyone 

Our webinars are not just one size fits all, we help people grow one sip at a time. 

Learn How to Leverage A.I. in Sales!

Virtual Event | October 24th, 4:00pm EST

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