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Why Sales Managers Suck

Starting with the concept of understanding each of their sellers strengths and weaknesses. So what they do is they kind of go with the corporate route and they try to put everyone in the same mold right or they try to make mini clones of themselves instead of really creating an environment where there sellers can be successful by really understanding that sellers strengths and weaknesses and creating a system that allows them to win. Right? And so that's one of the things that I learned over my career and I've learned through the years is that, hey I have to really take the time as a sales lead and as a sales manager to understand what it is you as a seller does. well what you do, but you don't do so well. what you like to do what you don't like to do and accept it. Let's accept it. Let's not try to put that round peg in the square holes. Let's accept it because once we accept it now we can put a plan in place that’s specific for that seller and that person to be successful. So that's where I see a lot. Folks go wrong. And where they could improve is to really create plans success plans that are specific to those individuals.


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