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"You Are Not Alone"

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Join us for a truly historic event and opportunity to meet and connect with your peers in the Channel.  This has NEVER been done before and it's time to make history.

The event will start with cocktail instruction by the Business & Bourbon team followed by a virtual meet and greet.  This will be a fun way to get to know Brothas and Sistas in the Channel. 


This event is an open invitation to African American Channel Professionals.  This is a word-of-mouth event.  Please share the invitation and encourage others you personally know to attend.  Do not post on social media.  This is a personal invite event.  We would appreciate if you personally invited those you know to attend.  


We have created a special group on our platform.  Post-event you will be able to network with and search the contact information of all in attendance. 


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Your Host:
Ronnell Richards, Awarding Winning Entrepreneur & Founder of Business & Bourbon

Featured on, Forbes, AJC and numerous periodicals, podcasts, and media outlets

Ronnell has built a career out of creating businesses and developing sales professionals into high-level performers. He's taught individuals how to feel like part of a team and perform better as a result. Ronnell has successfully strategized with both small and large businesses to take their progress to the next level. This has given him a unique perspective on success that he brings to every aspect of his life. As an award-winning entrepreneur, Ronnell knows what it takes to aim high, and hit even higher.


Event Details:

  • Mixer Cocktail Experience

  • Live Networking

  • Introductions To African American Leaders In The Channel

  • Post Event Group and Connection

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African American Channel Professionals Mixer

January 12, 2022

10:00 PM


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