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A Conversation with Fawn Weaver

CEO | Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

When was the last time you got to hang out with a CEO of a Billion Dollar Company?

So, I was hanging out with Fawn Weaver and her team this weekend before her sold-out book tour event, and I asked her about the volatility in business right now.

There’s a lot of anxiety and fear.

Entrepreneurs are making drastic changes and trying to keep up.

They’re cutting costs, cutting staff, and, in some cases, decreasing product quality.

If you’re running a billion-dollar company, I figure you’ve got to be doing someone right 😂.

So I asked her.

Her answer?

I could not have said it better myself.

No, really, I literally couldn’t have said it better myself 😂😂.

There is something to look forward to. She makes a GREAT point that you ALL should listen to.

This isn’t just about business.

This is a LIFE lesson.

Every person reading this needs to hear this message.

Spread the word too.

Thank you to Uncle Nearest, Inc., for the invitation and hosting me ✊🏾❤️🙏🏾. 


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