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Exploring American Single Malts, Coast to Coast!

American Single Malt Whiskey poured into a glass on a wooden bartop, heading off an article by Sailor Guevara, WHiskey Magazine's 2020 Icon of WHiskey, for Business & Bourbon.

Are you sick of hearing about Bourbon? Do you think it’s blasphemy even to think such a thing?

We have much to thank our historic Bourbon and Tennesee whiskey industry for. Providing us with the water of life so lovingly since prohibition. What could be more exciting than the new release of Blanton’s or waiting in line for a bottle of Pappy’s? I’ll tell you what: American Single Malt whiskey!

Imagine a time when Bourbon would have been seen as subpar whiskey and the distilleries that became Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam were the new kids on the block. And imagine many a whiskey nerd taking off their monocle and turning their noses up at the mere sight of bourbon.

Long before bourbon became America’s whiskey of choice, our founding Mothers and Fathers were making rye, wheat, and barley whiskies while bringing their tried and true practices from the old world to a new one.

Our vast nation offers some incredible, unique terrain from coast to coast, with regions yet to be fully explored for the purpose of making whiskey. Yet hundreds of brave pioneers are picking up the torch and using that distinctly American spirit to create some of the most incredible, unique American whiskies. Today, distilleries from coast to coast are releasing American Single Malt whiskey that is older than some of the bourbon you are drinking right now.

Explore the beauty and uniqueness of this category with me. Let’s smash the myths that all single malt whiskey is smokey and peated. Let’s explore the creativity and genius of some of our most talented American distillers.

Come with me on a journey of exploration, American Single Malts, coast to coast! Let's start with a Virtual VIP Whiskey Tasting Experience featuring a lineup of American Single Malts. Order yours today!

Meet the Author

Sailor Guevara

Sailor Guevara

Whiskey Magazine's 2020 Icon of Whiskey Winner

Whisk(e)y woman Sailor Guevara is a renowned Spirits Specialist, Hospitality Veteran, Published Author, Podcast Host, and an Award-winning Mixologist who has accentuated the Spirits Industry for the last 30+ years. Landing the Icon of Whiskey Award in 2020 – bestowed on the individual who most capably advances understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey making. Sailor brings an extensive track record as a passionate advocate for the Spirits industry.

Being a music lover and wanderluster by nature, Sailor’s experiences as an award-winning Mixologist and Contributor to several spirits publications stem from passion and world traveling. From living in different parts of the globe, specializing in cultural-based hospitality, and witnessing various mixology methods, it all became the catalyst for Sailor to become a staple in the Bar and Spirits Industry for the last three decades. Furthermore, do so while supporting larger causes as a lifelong Animal Rescuer, Brand Ambassador, and Mentor for the American Craft Spirits StepUp Internship.

To Sailor, her work in the Spirits and Hospitality Industry has been much more than just a job. It is about cultivating abundant relationships and sharing the stories behind the spirits with the world.

In early 2023, Sailor became Executive Director of Good Deeds Spirits, a passionate collective of distillers and friends committed to supporting causes that lead to positive change. From coast to coast, our distilleries have shared their spirits, time, and energy in an effort to raise funds for causes that share our values and mission: to be a force for good. Each Good Deeds release will benefit a cause, with a large percentage of revenues going directly back to each beneficiary.

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