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3 Business Lessons From My Vacation To Aruba?

3 simple lessons to help you be better in business today.

When I say Aruba, what are you envisioning? What images pop into your head? Kite surfing, lazy days on the beach, maybe drinking a cold one by the pool. I'm wired a little different. I can enjoy all those things just like anyone else, but I am so passionate about business that I see business opportunities and lessons everywhere I go, even to the beautiful shores of Aruba.

Aruba may be known for rest and relaxation but don't get it twisted; big business is being done and there is a lot you can learn. Here are a few lessons I learned from my trip.

Lesson #1 - Make Your Customers Feel Something

Many people in business think they are selling a product or service. The truth is if you are just selling a product or service, you are limiting potential and capping your revenue opportunity. When you can create an experience, you create a positive high emotional impact, and the brain releases dopamine, which are the hormones that make you feel good.

While in Aruba, the bartender at my hotel remembered my name, room number, and favorite drink after my first day there. Why? His job is to serve drinks. That's his product and service. Each day I showed up there and ordered a drink; he could pour and serve exactly what I ordered without remembering my name or anything else. And guess what? That would have been just fine. That would have been providing exactly the service I paid for.

By remembering my name and my drink, he activated dopamine. It made me feel good that he knew my name. It made me feel good that he made me feel familiar. The result was I ordered more drinks and gave a bigger tip. Do your customers feel something when they work with you, or is it just a transaction....

Lesson #2 - Clear Call To action

While In Aruba, I encountered Albert "ChuCho," the proprietor of Chubato Beer World(@chubatobeerworld). This gentleman had a dynamic personality, great products, and a beautiful storefront. His store embraced the Aruban culture, which made you feel like you were on a tropical island but also let you know that no matter where you were from, you could sit down and enjoy a beer. He had great beers from around the world. Take it from me, a seasoned beer drinker, his selection was impressive.

Albert obviously spent a lot of time and money to create this great environment. He's built a loyal local following but struggled to crack the code on social media marketing. My advice to him? Clear calls to action. Everything thing in his store from the beautiful pictures to the eclectic beers said "take a picture of me and share it with your friends". While his store aesthetic implies that people weren't actually doing it. I told Albert to add simple and clear signage to gently encourage his customers to take pictures and post on social media.

This simple call to action will increase his social presence and get people to engage with and learn about his brand. The best marketing for any business is when customers market for you.

Lesson #3 - The World Keeps turning

I'm not going to lie, it was really hard for me to go on vacation. I have so many responsibilities. So many important tasks and items to accomplish. This trip did not come at the best time for me, or maybe it came at the perfect time.

It took me a couple of days to start to disconnect and let go of my business responsibilities. Guess what happened. The world didn't implode. Maybe it was time for a gut check. A reminder that I'm just not as important as I think I am. The world keeps on turning with or without you. If you don't take the time to get outside of your world, you can't appreciate that and can't receive all the gifts life has to offer.

The business will be ok without you for a bit. Things have a way of working themselves out.

Who is ronnell?

Ronnell is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and the Founder of Business & Bourbon LLC. His mission is to help the world "Do Better Business". Join him on his crusade by becoming a member of the Business & Bourbon community. All are welcome, Join Now, Click Here


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