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Full Panel: Elevating Customer Experience

2024 Smart Business Tour: Denver

In the tech sales industry, prioritizing Customer Experience isn't just about making a sale—it's about building lasting relationships. Understanding and addressing your customers' pain points lets you tailor solutions that truly resonate, fostering loyalty and trust that lasts beyond the end of the transaction.

In our 2024 Smart Business Tour: Elevating Customer Experience, we assembled an all-star lineup of industry experts to share their insider techniques, answer your questions, and offer their predictions on the future of the business. Watch the full panel below!

Thank you to our incredible speakers, Mike Berlin, Devan Adler, Brad Odom, Jamaal Savwoir, John Coulter, Christina Mara, and Brian May.

Special thanks to our event partners Bridgepointe Technologies, Five9, Five Star Call Centers, NICE, Sprinklr, Talkdesk, and PolyAI for their support in making the event a success.


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