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Happy Hour Highlights

Welcome to Happy Hour Highlights! Hang out with Ronnell as he explores bars and restaurants around the world in his travels. From the top establishments in the city to the underground spots the locals know best, we’re giving you a sneak peek of them all.

Stay tuned for more Happy Hour Highlights — we’ll be adding more to this page as Ronnell travels. Got a favorite bar in mind for him to check out? Send us your recommendations on LinkedIn and he’ll add them to his list next time he’s in town. Cheers!

Ida Claire

Location: Dallas, TX

Featured Cocktail: Gin Bramble

Ford's Gin | Lemon | Simple Syrup | Mathilde Cassis

This week, we’re headed to Jacksonville to sample Ida Claire's Gin Bramble — refreshing, balanced, and easy to sip.

Falling Rabbit

Location: Duluth, GA

Featured Cocktail: And Just Like That

Hibiscus Vodka | Lychee Sake | Pomegranate | Citrus

This week, we’re headed to Duluth to sample Falling Rabbit’s And Just Like That — fruity and floral but not too sweet.


Location: Atlanta, GA

Featured Cocktail: Shang-Chi

Etsu Gin | Baiju | Hibiscus | Grapefruit | Fresh Lemon Juice | Sage Tincture

This week, we’re headed to Atlanta to sample FūDO’s Shang-Chi cocktail, a refreshing blend perfect for warm summer nights.

Unconventional Diner

Location: Washington, D.C

Featured Cocktail: Cinnamon Toast Old Fashioned

Knob Creek Cinnamon Maple Rye | Armagnac | Angostura Bitters

We’re kicking things off in D.C. with Unconventional Diner’s Cinnamon Toast Old Fashioned, one of the most classic drinks elevated with an Unconventional twist.

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