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This past Sunday was World Mental Health Day 2021. As someone who likes to be in control of situations, it can be challenging when situations don’t go as planned. Being someone who takes challenges is extremely valuable in business but can lead to a spiral of negativity when things happen that are out of your control.

I ruminate on those negative things I can’t control. I want to address them but I can’t.

Mental health awareness brings light to such an important conversation. Although I am not someone who has suffered from a diagnosed mental health disorder, I still want to contribute to the conversation in a different way.

I want to share the real-life challenges that I have faced and tell you how, with help, I have learned to address them. Like many of you, I am just looking to be the best possible version of myself.

But where does the person who everyone depends on and looks up to go for support? You don’t ever see Superman without his cape. I’ve spent most of my career being the boss, mentor, coach, and big brother to most of the people in my world.

When your life is centered on giving and providing for others it makes it very hard for you to RECIEVE those same things, especially from those closest to you.

I had to learn to allow my wife to be there for me.

This is something I learned from my Therapist and it’s made a positive impact in my life. I don’t come home every day and spill my guts about everything BUT, I’m no longer holding EVERYTHING back.

It’s not about weakness, it’s about strength. Check out the full videos on my LinkedIn page.

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