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Road Warriors Share Their Top 20 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

When most people think of traveling, they think of kicking back, relaxing, and taking a well-earned vacation. For those of us who travel for work, however, it’s more of a lifestyle than a luxury. Even so, many business travelers report that their healthy lifestyles fall to the wayside on business trips. According to a 2017 survey by On Call International, 54% of business travelers say they are less likely to exercise on a trip, and 44% are more likely to eat unhealthy food.

If travel is less of a novelty and more of a regular part of your job, it’s important to maintain your lifestyle goals even while you’re on the road (or in the air). We asked some of the top traveling professionals in the Business & Bourbon community for their best advice on staying healthy as a Road Warrior. Here’s what they had to say:

Jason Duchnowski

Global Director of Channel Sales Engineering and Enablement

Every trip, I throw a handful of protein bars in my laptop bag. It curbs my appetite with wacky travel schedules/delays until I can get to real food. Same with a reusable water bottle, many places have filtered water stations now. Bottled water is expensive in the airport and hotels, and I'd rather not hydrate from my hotel room sink.

Scott Lowe

President at Novotech Partners

Most hotels have a treadmill. 5:00 a.m. wake up when on business travel. I always get healthy snacks at Whole Foods before I go to the airport, and have my Stanley water bottle.

Simms Brooks

Channel Account Manager - Southeast at LiveVox

Moisturizer and lots of H2O! 🤣 Dehydration is the enemy.

Adam John Michael

Healthcare Business Development Executive

1) Completely unpack your suitcase, even if you’re only away for 1 night. It takes 5 minutes and makes you feel more ’at home’, settled & less transient.

2) Take a handful of high-quality protein bars & a bag of mixed raw nuts for those times healthy food is not available & you need to keep your protein intake up.

3) Buy a ‘pill box’ to continue your supplement regimen (D3, fish oil, etc) without having to take the whole pack/tub from home. Also, take your water bottle to keep fluid intake up.

4) Having doubles of the basics at home pre-packed in your wash bag (deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer, etc), makes it so much quicker when packing. I only need to remember the electric toothbrush.

Joseph Miller

National Sales Manager, Medical (Contract) at CSAT Solutions LP

If it’s 2-3 days, I’ll fast and never have to be concerned with food or bring my nutritional supplements with me.

Carole Mahoney

Author, Speaker, Coach, & Trainer

I pack a travel yoga mat and use this app: - no matter where I am or how much time I have, I can do a workout.

Also, I always wear my sneakers so I can keep walking everywhere. If you see a middle-aged lady dance-walking thru the terminals, you know it's likely me! I've danced in line to board, much to the amusement of my fellow passengers…

Thomas Lane

Technology Sales Management Executive

HOKA! Take care of your feet.

Chelsea Cater

Regional Channel Manager, SE


Sylvester Thompson

Service Delivery Manager at iCollective Technologies

Keep the same sleep schedule regardless of the time zone.

Rick Miller

Director of Sales and Distribution AMPP CIP-Level 1

No matter how long the layover, I walk and walk and walk. A few times in Doha walked for 5 of the 7-hour layover...need good shoes 👍

Skyler Biesinger

Industrial Asset Protection Expert

I walk around the airport as much [as possible] before getting on the plane, and try to eat as healthy as I can while on the road.

Al's Repairs

HVACR Engineer

Only fly business class, and don’t use airplane ICE!

Travis Curnutte

Director of Marketing and Strategy at Volli

Water, I drink lots of water.

Honestly, with being Mr. Mom and traveling every other week: Hockey Workout.

300-500 squats

300-500 push-ups.

Zero equipment, 100% destroying.

Walking is my staple, I’ll probably walk a total of 2 hours (non-business-travel related 🤣)

It’s how I calm down for the night; it’s why at most of the expos, you can see me wandering around until 2 a.m., hahaha.

Charinna Kushnir

Executive Vice President Of Sales at Data Canopy

I have an IV infusion of Vitamin C before I go out on the road. It boosts my immunity and makes the road an easier place.

I work out 4 days a week with a trainer. I find it helps me stay focused. She also monitors what I eat. It’s funny — when I’m on the road, people will say to me, "I’m telling your trainer you ate that." It keeps me accountable. She will do a class over Zoom…who wants to do one Data Canopy sponsored?

Melissa Morrisette

MBA | Designer | Intuitive Healer

Almonds are my friends.

Marco Sanchez

Genesys Channel Leader

Get my workouts in, even if it's a walk. Something about still getting it done helps keep the momentum. Eat healthy. Drink water. Sleep. Dare I say...when I don't drink alcohol, I feel incredible. 😁

Tyson St. James

Builders & Property Management

Choose accommodations with a good fitness center and make sure to get there each day. Mindset: not perfect, but done — get in there and get moving for 45-60mins.

Clint Webb

Media Sales Professional and Podcast Host

I make sure I pack workout clothes and follow the same routine as at home…lay my workout clothes out before I go to bed and set an alarm. Pick out a few routes I can run wherever I'm going.

Brian Pulliam

Tech and Leadership Coaching at Refactor Coaching

Headed to a warm climate that doesn't deal with rain? Find an Airbnb with a bike close to your meetings & ditch the car. Lyft or Uber to get there, and make yourself enjoy a ride to get groceries, head to the bar, whatever.

Ask your local gym (before leaving) if they have a partnership with the IHRSA. This is a network of gyms that will give you a cheap day pass if you're already a member of a participating gym. Ideally, you get a card from your home gym before you leave.

Ask the hotel if they have a partnership with a local gym, most do.

Merav Levine

Personal Branding + Social Media Marketing Consultant

Make sure to sleep!

No matter how experienced you are with frequent travel, it can put a strain on your body and mind. It’s important to invest in your health and wellness on business trips so you can show up at your best and perform at your highest ability. If you want to learn more about how to succeed in channel sales, check out Business & Bourbon’s webinars!


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