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The Highlight Reel: Channel Futures Leadership Summit 2023

Meet Jay Frank, a passionate entrepreneur and businessman working to better the world of channel sales through his company, Symbiotic.

Ronnell was honored to participate in two panels at the Channel Futures Leadership Summit of 2023: The Top Sales Trends for Every Channel Partner to Watch in 2024, with co-panelists Michael Schmidtmann of Trans4mers, David M. Wright of Disruptive Innovations, and Scott Kinka of Bridgepointe Technologies; and Taking Your Lead Pipeline to New Heights, with Jim Glackin of Nitel, and Allan Jaffe of Top Speed Data Communications.

Our pictures from the Summit are available below — scroll through and see if you can find any familiar faces! See yourself in a picture? Feel free to download and share on social media! Make sure to tag Business & Bourbon so we can give your post a like. Cheers!


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