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Words of Wisdom: Podcast Edition

Thinking about starting a podcast or currently have a podcast?

When I started the Business & Bourbon LLC podcast three years ago, I didn’t really expect to hit the top 200 Apple Business podcasts list. For context, there are currently around 2 million podcasts.

It’s a very tough landscape and very competitive. How did I manage to peak at number 178?

By following my own code.

1. It’s always about the audience. I focused on creating an immersive experience. I want our audience to feel like they are in the seat next to us.

2. Quality- I try to produce the highest quality podcast I can. We do not do virtual interviews. Every guest sits with me at the bar live and in person. We use high-quality mics and recording equipment. I have an audio engineer clean the audio for every episode.

3. Guest Curation- We serve our audience. I have no interest in guests that just want to promote their sh*t. Guests have to be prepared to share and give authentically and vulnerably to our audience.

4. Monetization- for better or worse, I didn’t care about monetizing the podcast. My goal was to create the best product we could. Success is building credibility for our brand and message.

5. Quality over Quantity- I’m less concerned about having lots of guests and more worried about the value that individual can bring to our audience. I want interesting people with experience, wisdom, and scars.

If you’re entering this world of podcasts or currently have a podcast. It’s not good enough to just record some audio on a free platform and upload it.

If you want people to listen, you’ve got to step your game up.

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