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You CAN do it

Why would a 54-year-old retired fighter get back into the ring?

What do you do?- is always one of the hardest questions for me to answer.

Do I say

1. CEO of a tech sales agency

2. Business Consultant/ Coach

3. Sales Trainer & Strategist

4. Creator Of Business & Bourbon LLC

5. Speaker/ Event Host

6. Podcast Host

All our true and NOT ASPIRATIONAL BS titles I get paid and have been paid in 2020 for all these things, they generate revenue and all are what I do.

I usually rattle off a couple of things that person can relate to, inevitably they say something like wow you do a lot, why/how do you do it.

My answer

Because I can...

Just like Mike Tyson who is about to fight tonight at 54 years old I do all these things because I can. I have the talent, resources and energy so I do it.

Most people are so focused on why they CAN’T do something, they don’t recognize the potential they have and how much they are capable of accomplishing.

Too old

Too young

Too poor

Too much to lose


Think about what you CAN do and don’t let anyone or anything limit you.

What CAN you do that you aren’t doing today?


If you guys think I do a lot now, wait until you see what’s coming in 2021😉.

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My Answer, Do any and everything you want in this life! We only have One! Let nothing or anyone tell you, you can not make a difference in this World!

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